Design and values

Our designs are born actively working with our customers to meet their every need. Therefore, there is a continuous process of innovation and additions to our product selections. We are working on several series of products, to supply a complete Vellerand products range in both professional and domestic environments.

We are driven by environment-friendly mindset, making sure our products have a timeless classical design that is yet always practical, as well as made of durable, heavy-duty, strong materials.

We believe that our choices make a difference in the world we live in. As state-of-the-art technologies leave smaller footprints on the environment and help utilize the materials to the maximum, leaving as little wastes as possible. This way, we can create a better world, by producing products that last a lifetime, go never out of fashion and are recyclable at the end of their cycle.

We are always innovating new tools and parts.

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